Rock Steady Boxing Fresno

We are proud to be the Rock Steady Boxing Fresno affiliate. Research shows that exercise can slow or even halt the progression of Parkinson’s disease, and we’re here to make every workout count. Our fun, yet demanding coaches will guide you through challenging workouts that will have you reaching new levels of fitness while stopping Parkinson’s in its tracks.

Join forces with our expert coaches who will challenge and motivate you to move better, faster, and stronger. Whether you are new to fitness or a fitness enthusiast, our coaches will guide you through exercises that are right for you while making you feel connected to the group. We limit the number of participants in a class so our instructors can give you one-on-one feedback. With the extra attention, you can be confident that you are performing the exercises properly, getting the best results while minimizing the risk of injury. Throughout the week, your workouts will incorporate the various elements of fitness so you can combat all aspects of Parkinson’s disease. A stronger, faster, more mobile you is within reach.

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