Fight Back

Welcome to our Fight Family! Fight back against Parkinson’s with our awesome workouts designed to slow progression and manage symptoms.

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Support Group Videos

Sleep Disturbance and Parkinson’s Disease

Caterina Mosti, PhD gives an excellent presentation on sleep disturbance and Parkinson’s disease. You will learn learn about healthy sleep, the different types of sleep disturbance, and ways you can get back on track with your sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping this is a must-watch!

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Balance and Parkinson’s Disease

Elizabeth Foss, OT provides an in-depth presentation to teach you more about balance in Parkinson’s disease and what you can do to overcome challenges. She discusses our balance strategies, sensory systems, strength components and postural contributions that integrate to make up our balance, along with interventions to uptrain each one.

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Home Edition Workouts

Strength and Cardio

Grab a chair and dive into this challenging workout. You will complete three sets of strength and two sets of cardio.

Twist and Shout: Home Edition

Get loud and twist about in this fun workout designed to exercise your vocals and work your ability to rotate in different ways.

Big Moves, Little Moves: Home Edition

Improve your range of motion and fine-motor skills with Coach Jessica in this fun and challenging workout.

Super HIIT: Home Edition

Get ready to work in this fast-paced, high-energy workout! You’re guaranteed to work up a sweat!

Intermediate Workouts

Balance and Agility 1

Get your heart rate up and challenge your skills with this fun, high-energy workout. You’ll just need two cones and a hand weight (or broom).

Twist and Shout 2

Shout and twist your way through this fun, high-energy workout with Coach Rebekah.

Brain and Brawn 1

Join Coach Luis for this fun workout that challenges your brain and body!


Get your heart rate up in this challenging workout with Coach Luis. You’re guaranteed to feel accomplished after this one!

Compound Movements 1

Grab your exercise equipment for this challenging workout with Coach Luis. You’ll need a step, light and heavy dumbbells, and a light resistance band.

Advanced Workouts

Advanced: HIIT

Improve your speed and endurance with these high-intensity intervals that are sure to get you sweating!

Advanced: Pulse Strength

Grab your bands to challenge your strength and endurance with this challenging, fun workout!

Advanced: Mobility

Grab your resistance bands and work to improve your mobility with Coach Jessica in this fun, focused routine.

Seated Workouts

Seated: Twist and Shout

Get in a great workout without even getting out of your chair. Join Coach Rebekah for this fun workout that will have you twisting and shouting!