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Fight back against Parkinson's disease!

Boxer with Parkinson's disease hitting heavy bag

Join forces with our team of specially trained fitness coaches for fun, yet intense workouts to pummel Parkinson's disease. Our program takes a calculated approach to fighting PD, incorporating exercises and training practices from a wide variety of disciplines to challenge your body and mind in unique ways. Every workout has a theme and themes rotate regularly to ensure that every aspect of your fitness, mobility, and mental ability are addressed by our program. Gain strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, and mental sharpness with workouts that can lessen your symptoms and get you feeling and functioning better.

Coach cleaning equipment

We're Vaccinated!

Your health and safety is our top priority. We clean all of the equipment before each class, and, most importantly, everyone is vaccinated- members and staff!

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Experience and Knowledge

Our programs are backed by the knowledge and experience of Founder and CEO Jessica Tax, who earned her BS in Kinesiology from CSU Sacramento and has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, with more than 5 years spent designing specialized fitness programs. Fueled by a desire to help those battling Parkinson's and a belief that exercise is medicine, Jessica works diligently to provide a Parkinson's fitness program to help you fight back.

Fitness coach assessing for range of motion


Prior to joining classes, you'll undergo a thorough health and fitness assessment to establish your baseline so our coaches know your strengths and weaknesses. Once coaches have identified areas that you need to improve, special consideration is given when designing the workouts. Class sizes are intentionally small so our coaches can give you individualized attention, ensuring you get the most out of your workouts.

Group smiling

Support and Understanding

Rock Steady Boxing classes are exclusively for those battling Parkinson's disease and their caregivers (cargivers are included in your membership). Enter the ring with people who understand the fight you are facing. Share your experiences and your triumphs with fellow Parkinson's warriors!

Parkinson's warrior kicking the stuffing out of Parkinson's disease

Ready to show Parkinson's disease what you're made of?


Jessica has been a key component of my father’s health plan since his 2019 Parkinson’s diagnosis. She tailors workout routines specifically for his condition and his level of fitness; focusing on general strength, balance, fine motor, voice and facial expression training. In addition, Jessica regularly introduces new exercises designed to challenge my dad, while addressing, and working on, deficits his neurologist identifies. Her knowledge of the human body is remarkable and I never worry about my father taking direction from her. Jessica is motivating, compassionate, incredibly reliable and thinks outside of the box. She is, far and away, one of the most important elements of my father’s health maintenance and enhancement.

- Courtney L, daughter of PD warrior 7/2/2021

We highly recommend Jessica and Rock Steady Boxing Fresno - Move Up Health and Fitness!! We get a great workout every session! There is a good balance and variety of exercises, including stretching, boxing, yoga, and high intensity cardio! (We sweat a lot!) Time for warm up and cool down are included in every session. Jessica and her staff encourage and challenge you to do your best. We have seen improvements in (person with PD) gait, balance, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, stamina, and memory abilities. (Person) is highly motivated to attend each class, and has been happier and more energetic at home! :)
An added bonus is that the caregiver/spouse gets to attend the classes for free! (which benefits their health and well-being, too!!) RSB Fresno at Move Up Health and Fitness is a fun class/program that we can participate in together to exercise and improve our health. Thank you for providing a fitness program to specifically help those with Parkinson's Disease!! :)

- JW, spouse of PD warrior 10/19/2019

After only a few sessions with Jessica my husband's walk has improved noticeably and his interest in exercise has increased.

- MN, spouse of PD warrior 2/17/2019