I am a current graduate student at Fresno State studying the psychological and physiological components of performance.  I am passionate about helping individuals to perform and feel their best.  Fitness has always been a positive outlet for me, and I believe that everyone, no matter their fitness level, can benefit from exercise- physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I aspire to assist individuals to achieve their goals.  I believe that fitness can be an empowering tool against all odds.


BS Psychology/Human Development 
University of California, Davis 

Current Graduate Student 
Fresno State University 
Kinesiology Sports Psychology

Soccer Collegiate Athlete UC Davis


MS Kinesiology

Fitness is important to me because it sets the foundation for a long healthy life. It is something productive to do that will benefit you for a lifetime. If you select me to be your trainer I will do my best to help you reach your goals while creating a fun educational experience. My goal is to set you up for your life long fitness journey so that you can be the best version of yourself.

I love to participate in a variety of sports with my boys including parkour, surfing, and skimming. My personal goal is to place high enough in the amateur strong woman competitions in the next two years so I can get an invite into the big leagues.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Currently completing a BS in Sports Medicine

As a survivor, I know what it means to have days your body just will not do what you want it to do. I live everyday with the understanding that each breath I take is a gift, and my competitive nature does not allow me to sit ideally by and watch life sail away without me. Getting into fitness again gives me a new daily goal to push myself past.

I want to help you realize that you are your own biggest competitor for accomplishing your personal goals, and the harshest critic when you can not reach them yet, and I stress yet! Every day is a chance for us to try again.