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Balance and Freezing in Parkinson’s Disease

June 4th, 2022 at 11:00am

Speaker: Elizabeth Foss, OT

In this meeting, Occupational Therapist, Elizabeth Foss will be providing a two-part presentation focusing on balance and freezing in Parkinson’s Disease.  In the first part, she will discuss our balance strategies, sensory systems, strength components and postural contributions that integrate to make up our balance, along with interventions to uptrain each one. In the second part, she will discuss the prevalence of freezing in Parkinson’s disease and interventions to overcome it.

            Elizabeth has been a practicing occupational therapist for 11 years and specializes in working with the neurological populations with a passion for serving those with Cerebellar Ataxia and Parkinson’s Disease. She is the YouTube content creator for the channel “Little Steps, Big Gains” in which she provides free resources with educational videos and exercise programs for neurological and older adult populations. Elizabeth is certified in LSVT BIG, Otaga, stroke rehabilitation and Tai-Chi. She is also a Certified Functional Aging Specialist and an Older Adult Exercise Consultant.