Move Beyond Cancer

Exercise Class

Have fun and feel empowered while working to improve treatment outcomes, prevent recurrence, and rebuild after a cancer diagnosis in a supportive group of fellow survivors. Our Move Beyond Cancer program combines a gentle progression through functional exercises and an uplifting environment to empower those in the cancer community to reclaim their health, happiness, and drive. Whether participants are currently undergoing treatment, have just completed treatment, or completed treatment years ago, this program is designed to help them safely engage in exercise and move beyond cancer. With guidance from our specially trained, compassionate instructors, survivors can safely reconnect with their bodies and regain strength, energy, and joy alongside others who have experienced a similar journey.

The effects of cancer can impact physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our classes help participants to:

  • 1) Build strength and endurance to battle the fatigue associated with cancer
  • 2) Regain the range of motion lost as a result of surgery and radiation
  • 3) Decrease the intensity of neuropathy for better grip and balance
  • 4) Improve cognitive function to combat chemo brain
  • 5) Boost mood to battle depression and anxiety
  • 6) Track lymphatic changes to detect and manage lymphedema early

Our classes follow fitness guidelines outlined by ACSM and CETI to ensure a safe and effective workout for those affected by cancer. Two specially trained instructors guide a small group of participants through a gentle progression of strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises aimed at addressing the needs of cancer survivors, both during and post treatment. Classes are kept to a maximum of ten participants to ensure that programming can be tailored for each individual.

New Class Starts in February

The new year is here and exciting new developments are underway! We are excited to announce
Move Beyond Cancer classes on Sundays and Wednesdays from 1:00pm to 2:30pm starting February 2nd.

We’re kicking off the program with a free class on Saturday, January 18th from 11:30am to 1:00pm to generate photos for marketing purposes. Please be aware that everyone who participates in this class will be required to sign a media waiver. Unfortunately, because of the size of the studio, we will not be able to accommodate those who do not want to have their picture taken. Please send an email to or text (916) 532-0366 to RSVP. Participants must get medical clearance and sign a liability waiver, which can be turned in on the day of the class.

Classes will be held at her Elevated Studio on S St and 28th St. at:

1900 28th St
Sacramento, CA 95816