What We Offer

Fight Back

Our programs offer:

1. Small class size: We keep our classes limited to ten participants and have two coaches for each class so you can get personalized attention.

2. Exclusive programs: Our Rock Steady Boxing classes are only for PWPs (persons with Parkinson's) and their caregivers. Move Beyond Cancer is only for those in treatment, survivors, and their workout buddy.

3. Camaraderie: When you join our gym, you join the Fresno Fight Family and gain a strong support network. Because our programs are exclusive, you'll build strength, endurance, and flexibility alongside others with similar experiences, facing similar challenges, and who can understand your journey.

4. Individualized programming: While our classes are done as a group, we assess each fighter and include programming to help target areas of weakness.

5. Fun: Our coahces love what they do and spread their enthusiasm to our fighters and caregivers. Though we expect our fighters to work hard, we also expect them to play hard!

6. Hope: Disease can often steal our sense of who we are and make the future seem uncertain. We give our fighters hope by showing them that they have the ability to fight back.